Posh Pooch Pet Salon & Boutique

Stylists and Staff

Meet Our Team

Posh Pooch has a team of dedicated, passionate, and professional employees. Each member of our staff brings years of personal and professional knowledge to ensure that you and your pet receive the ultimate spa and boutique experience. Our love of pets leads us to be both caring and nurturing to every pet who visits our salon. We love what we do and take pride in the results, and we hope our efforts leave you satisfied as well.



Julie Erling - Owner/Groomer (ISCC Member)

Julie believes that if you love what you do, then you will never have to work a day in your life. She has been in the pet industry for 20 years now, after having been a cosmetologist for 10 years. Pets are people too, so while creating Posh Pooch her goal was to provide customers with high-quality grooming services with a French-influenced ambiance. This same theme inspired the boutique, filled with high-end dog apparel, collars, beds, toys, treats, and food. Julie has always believed in quality customer service and being able to ensure that each customer and their pet leave the salon happy and feeling valued.

In Julie's eyes, grooming requires a certain artistic talent and patience. All of her stylists are highly qualified, creative, and passionate about what they do. They strive to provide the best experience for both people and their pets.

Katy Erling

Katy - Manager

Katy joined the Posh Pooch Team in 2011. She manages the boutique's inventory, ordering product, and grooming schedules. She has 3 childern all girls & a Shetland Sheep Dog, Daisy. 

Lindsey Schafer

Lindsay - Receptionist  

Lindsay joined the Posh Pooch team in 2016. She first started bringing her dog Suzy, in 2011 and knew this is where she wanted to work. Lindsay enjoys meeting & greeting customers. She also loves seeing dogs of all breeds but especially enjoys Shih Tzus.


Ellen - Groomer & Receptionist (ISCC Member)

Ellen grew up on a farm in Central Minnesota where she was always surrounded by a variety of animals. In 2001, after working in the secretarial field for more than 25 years, she took a leap of faith and decided to try her hand at dog grooming. She now specializes in short-haired and flat-coated breeds that do not require standard haircuts, such as Labs, Pugs, and Golden Retrievers. She also works part-time in the boutique, assisting customers with sales, and at the front desk scheduling appointments. At home, she is owned by two cats.

Jena - Groomer (ISCC Member) 

Jena joined our team of groomers with 8 years experience. She started as a bather and worked her way up to a groomer. She has been a great asset to our team. She has a German Shephard, Parker at home, that she loves dearly. 

Ashley, Groomer

Ashley - Groomer (ISCC Member)

Ashley has had a passion for dogs since she was young. She became interested in grooming when she saw all the different types of dogs being groomed at a grooming salon. She knew then what she wanted to do with her life. In 2013, she graduated from grooming school and became a groomer. It is because her old dog, Sparkles that Pugs are one of her favorite breeds.

KT - Groomer (ISCC Member)

KT has been grooming since 1997 and has been working with Julie since October of 2000. She attended a Super Styling Session, as well as MPPGA, to continue her education in grooming and stay up to date with industry changes. She has also competed in numerous grooming competitions where she has received two first-place awards. She is currently working on her master groomer certification and plans to compete more in the future.


Alicia - Groomer (ISCC Member)

Alicia has been grooming since 2007 and joined Posh Pooch in 2012. Some of her favorite breeds to groom are Chow Chows and Poodles. In addition to dogs, she loves grooming all breeds of cats. She also specializes in working with dogs who are more challenging to groom. Her goal is to make the grooming process as pleasant as possible.

Shannon, Groomer

Shannon - Groomer (ISCC Member)

Shannon has been a groomer for 16 years and still loves it! She is very calm and patient groomer. She has a 16 year old Shitzu named Lily, who joins her at work and a 9 month old puppy named Leo. 


GJ - Groomer (ISCC Member)

GJ is a huge dog lover who owns four Samoyeds that she shows and breeds. She also has a Papillion, Paris. She has worked at Posh Pooch as a receptionist for several years & is now a groomer. 

Jen Dunbar

Jen - Groomer (ISCC Member)

Jen loves dogs. She has been working professionally with animals since 2011. Her experience as a veterinary assistant and kennel manager has prepared her to be a well-rounded groomer. Some of her favorite breeds are Poodles, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers. She has learned so much at Posh Pooch, and she knows she is working among the best.


Amy C. - Groomer (ISCC Member)

Since November 2011, Amy has been working at Posh Pooch. She feels privileged to always be picking up the latest skills and techniques from some of the industry's best stylists. When she is not at Posh Pooch, she is caring for patients at St. Joe's hospital or her own family of three children, a cat, and two dogs. She has been a dog lover all her life. As a child, she would bring dogs home tied to her jump rope and try to convince her mother they followed her so that she would let her keep them. As a true dog lover, her goal is to become a highly skilled groomer of all breeds.


Korynn - Receptionist & Apprentice

Korynn joined our staff in 2022 as a receptionist & has since realized her love for dogs. She has started her jounrey in grooming with the watchful eye of Christine. She has also just adopted a new Golden Reteriver Puppy, Raya. 


Raina - Receptionist & Apprentice

Raina started with Posh Pooch as a Receptionist & has since become an apprentice in grooming. She has a love for dance & is attending collage.

Christine  - Groomer & Trainer (ISCC Memeber)

Christine came to Posh Pooch in 2019 with 5 years experience. She is very patient with the dogs she grooms. This is why she has started training groomers.