Posh Pooch Pet Salon

At Posh Pooch, your pet is treated like royalty, given only the highest quality service and care. Each pet here is groomed with precision and care and hand-dried to ensure their comfort. Our bathing products are hypo-allergenic and we have a variety of over fifteen different kinds of pet grooming shampoos and conditioners, catering to each pets’ individual needs.



Our grooming services for dogs include both a Full Service and a Clean Up.


The Full Service includes bath (shampoo and condition), blow dry, haircut or shave, cut/file nails, clean ears, and an anal glands check.  We will work with all sizes of dogs:  X-small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-large.


The Clean Up (excluding Cuts), includes bath (shampoo and condition), blow dry, brushing, cut/file nails, clean ears, face/feet/groin trim, and an anal glands check. Again we work with all sizes of dogs, however prices may vary considering short or long hair length.


We also offer a Full Service grooming for cats that includes haircut, bath, cut nails, and cleaning ears.



Ala Carte

Deep cleansing facial scrub
Dental irrigation treatment
Design cut
Ear cleaning
Earring application
Express anal glands
Extra brush/de-mat
Face, feet, groin, nails
Flea treatment
Hair coloring
Hand stripping
Hot oil deep conditioning
Nails (small/medium)
Nails (large/extra-large)
Pedicure (nail polish)
Shed-less treatment
Show cut
Teeth brushing


As prices tend to vary depending on the job, please call us today to ask about costs. We are more than happy to help you get exactly what you want. (651) 578-POSH

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